We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Join us on an exciting summer Bear Hunt through central Birmingham!

3 July – 6 September 2024

There is an extra special reason to visit central Bear-mingham this summer as Central BID Birmingham installs its latest stunning sculpture trail.

Ten beautifully designed bears are on display across the city centre for families to enjoy, take photographs and support Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity at the same time.

The stunning trail will remain in place throughout the summer school holidays.

The We’re Going on a Bear Hunt art trail is inspired by the award-winning animation based on the much-loved picture book We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

Families can see the bears at Piccadilly Arcade, Great Western Arcade, Bullring, Mailbox, Corporation Street and lots of other city centre spots.

Central BID Birmingham is the Business Improvement District for the city centre retail and leisure area, and is working with art producer Wild in Art, and the world’s leading independent publisher of children’s books, Walker Books, to embark on this latest creative partnership for the summer of 2024.

Decorated by artists, designers and illustrators, the giant bears on the trail celebrate the vibrancy, culture and creativity of Birmingham, taking visitors and locals alike on a family-friendly trail of discovery around the city, highlighting iconic spots and hidden gems.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is the latest in a series of popular sculpture trails installed by Central BID. Previous trails include Snowdogs Discover Birmingham, Brum’s Penguin Parade and Walking with the Snowman, inspired by the timeless stories of Raymond Briggs.

“We know how popular our seasonal sculpture trails are with families from across the Midlands visiting the city centre for a selfie while shopping.
We can’t wait to install this latest children’s classic We’re Going on a Bear Hunt this summer and to see more smiling faces across the city centre.”

Sam Watson, Chair, Central BID Birmingham

Bear Trail Map

Download your colourful trail map to join us on an exciting summer Bear Hunt through central Birmingham!

Make sure you support the incredible work of Birmingham Children’s Hospital as you follow the trail by scanning the QR codes to show the hospital some support.

Picture courtesy Wild in Art and David Oates Photography

Artists Information

Find out more about the 10 Birmingham bears and their talented artists.


Mother Paw’d by Jessica Perrin

About the Bear

Mother Paw’d is inspired by technology and the advancement of computers throughout the years. This intricate design was created by mapping out the wiring and nodes with lots of stencil shapes and masking tape, which created a bold and clean result.

About the Artist

Jess is an illustrator and designer living and working in Birmingham. Jess loves to create both traditional and digital work that has a strong narrative style. Jess has painted 70 sculptures for Wild in Art since 2017, with a selection of her sculptures selling for over £200,000 for various charities.

John Bright Street

A Walk on the Wild Side by Rachael & Phillippa Corcutt

About the Bear

Adventure into the wild with this colourful bear, made from a combination of the majestic zebra and the leopard. Inspired by the beauty of the animal kingdom, this Bear highlights the importance of conservation and caring for our planet and protecting animals from extinction.

About the Artist

Rachael & Phillippa are twin sisters and illustrators who work together as an illustration collective, specialising in children’s illustration. Their work involves creating illustrations for magazines, children’s books, gifts and greetings cards and have also painted 20 sculptures for Wild in Art trails.

Station Street Steps

Clarence The Climate Bear by Mary and Janice

About the Bear

The fun design of this Bear captures the essence of nature. With a bold colour palette and illustration style, the artists were inspired by the plants and wildlife we are surrounded by in the UK and have wrapped these around the Bear to portray the flow of nature and human life, and how both are intrinsically intertwined.

About the Artist

Clarence the Climate Bear is a collaboration between artists Mary Wortham and Janice Leung, both based in Leeds. Mary works as a print and pattern designer and regularly collaborates with musicians in creating posters and cover-art. Janice is an illustrator working in commercial illustration, murals, and editorial illustration.


Spectrum by Christine Jopling

About the Bear

Rainbows have long been a marker of hope, whilst representing the LGBTQ+ community and acting as a symbol of gratitude to the NHS. The artist wanted to highlight the importance of inclusivity by illustrating a diverse range of people that make up our community.

About the Artist

Christine is an illustrator based in Pudsey, Leeds. She loves to create fun, colourful images that will brighten the viewer’s day and bring a smile to their face. A little bit wonky, showing texture and brushstrokes, scribbly and freehand, she’s a big fan of “imperfection”! She loves to see, and show, the handmade feel of things. With a particular passion for hand lettering, she enjoys making fun and funky fonts. She loves to draw buildings and places, too, showing their intricacies in a quirky way. She’s also particularly fond of drawing humans and creatures – real or imagined – as she loves the interactions that can be created.

Mailbox Steps

We Are Bear-mingham! by Ekaterina Sheath

About the Bear

This Bear design celebrates the vibrant multicultural community of Birmingham. Each character is based on a person who walked past the artist whilst they were drawing the design concept, such as people out for a stroll, catching up with friends or spending time with family.

About the Artist

Ekaterina Sheath is an illustrator and mural artist based in Leeds. Through community engagement, on-location drawing, and research, she shares hidden stories and transforms local spaces into cultural assets.

Piccadilly Arcade

Jester by Amanda Quellin Art

About the Bear

Jester symbolises the historic exploitation of the bear, which has been seen as a product of entertainment and adornment. By dressing the bear in the jester costume the artist wants to encourage the viewer to consider these issues and to respect the bears place as a wild animal.

About the Artist

Amanda Quellin is a professional Scenic Artist and during her career in television, film and theatre has worked on some iconic programmes and venues both in the UK and internationally. She now works on a smaller scale, on commissions, murals and public art trails painting over 40 sculptures for Wild in Art.

Grand Central

Luna and The Moon by Marnie Maurri

About the Bear

This artist took inspiration from the Asian Black bear, also known as a ‘Moon Bear’, so called due the crescent shaped patch on its chest. The moon and night sky are the overall theme for this beautiful sculpture.

About the Artist

As a freelance artist and illustrator based in Worcestershire, Marnie’s work is highly detailed and focuses on the more whimsical and magical aspects of the world, often inspired by the small things, like a walk in the woods or hearing bird song (nature in general is a great muse!).

Great Western Arcade

Bobby by Jenny Leonard

About the Bear

Bobby is a colourful geometric cubist design of stylized faces using the shape of the bear to draw lines around the sculpture. The artist uses bold posca ink lines and a limited colour palette each side to make the bear stand out with its abstract style.

About the Artist

Jenny is a Manchester based, community driven, commission artist; always pursuing collaborative art projects that bring people together. She currently delivers creative art workshops for schools and businesses, and specialises in creating murals and live art. She is hoping to complete her 80th sculpture for Wild in Art this year!

Bobby by Jenny Lennard

Groovy Bear-by by Caroline Daly

About the Bear

Groovy Bear-by is an eye catching and fun design inspired by the bright patterns, colours and fashions of the 1960s and 70s. The artist has even added a pair of funky shaped glasses to this Bear, for a touch of flower power!

About the Artist

Caroline is an artist from Manchester with a background in Theatre Design, who is greatly inspired by local wildlife. Her work often features decorative pattern, line and symmetry and she prefers to work by hand using traditional mediums whilst trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

New Street

Biodiversity Bear by Jodie Silverman

About the Bear

Biodiversity Bear illustrates the wealth of wildlife that exists within the UK’s woodlands. The sculpture intertwines flora and fauna in a harmonious display, showcasing the interconnectedness of all living beings and that every creature plays a crucial role in maintaining the balance and diversity of the ecosystem.

About the Artist

Jodie is a Manchester-based figurative artist and art therapist. She has been enthusiastically creating ever since she was old enough to hold a pencil. After gaining a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking, she worked for an animation company before completing a MA in Art Psychotherapy Practice.